DIY 4th of July Shirt with Felt

My son needed to wear Red Blue and White colors to school to celebrate the 4th of July so I decided to make him a shirt using some supplies I had at home. What you need:

  • A Red, Blue or a White T-shirt
  • Red, Blue and White felt
  • Fabric Glue or needle and thread

glue I found an old blue T-shirt I did not mind ruining. Luckily it even had red piping on its sleeves. I cut out a rectangle out of red felt cloth. Then cut three stripes out of the white felt cloth. IMG_20140703_085703 Apply fabric glue all over the edge of the red rectangle and press it on the shirt. Now glue on the white stripes. pic20140703105352 Cut out a square of a darker colored blue felt cloth. Glue on to the red rectangle. Almost there! Now with the left over material from the white stripes cut out a few stars. They need not be so neat. Or at least mine weren’t but that’s okay. IMG_2014070315233Keep it for 2 to 4 hours to set. I kept mine overnight.

And Tadaaaa! ! Someone’s ready for the 4th of July weekend!