How to make a Hair Bow- Tutorial

How to make a cute easy Hair Bow clip I love bows. Anything with a bow… I must have it. A bow ring, bow print blouse, bow head band etc etc. In today’s tutorial I am going to show you how to make a simple Hair Bow clip. These are super simple to make and take only a few minutes if you have the supplies ready: You will need:

  • Hair clip backing (sold in multiples at Michael’s, Joann’s or other craft supply stores)
  • Fabric of your choice (buy a small piece or use a leftover fabric from another craft activity etc)
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread (optional)
  • Measuring tape (optional)

20140530_212912 Spread your fabric on a smooth surface. Iron if necessary. pic20140530221301 Depending on the size of your backing clip or just depending on how big or small you want you bow to be, measure the fabric and cut a rectangle. Next, turn over the rectangle piece of fabric so that you are looking at its back and then fold it as shown in the picture. If your fabric is soft and flimsy, use the glue gun to secure it in place. Mine is a fairly thick cotton fabric so I did not need to do that. Fold this towards the middle now and secure it with glue gun. pic20140530221050 pic20140530221122 20140530_214309   Now, to hold it tighter in the middle and give it a better shape cut a small strip of fabric and wrap it around the middle. You can use some from your leftover. I decided to use some felt. pic20140530221154 Add some glue to the back of the clip and while the glue is still wet, attach the bow. 20140530_215050 Tadaaaa!  Your hair bow clip is ready!   20140530_215104 Here are a few more that I made. IMG-20130831-WA0003IMG-20130831-WA0004   And my cat Kitta loves bows too!

Polka Dots Nail Art Tutorial

Polka dots Nail Art Tutorial

I love polka dots. Be it a dress, a handbag, a screensaver or a mouse pad. I just love them. They are so cute and classic. So I thought what could be better than Polka dots nail art. Being a mom of an active tot I don’t have any time to go to the nails salon so this is a very easy alternative to get your nails done salon style within minutes. You don’t have to be a skilled artist to do this. I do this while my son is bathing playing with bubbles.

You will need:

·         2 contrasting nail paints

·         Dotting tool/tools

·         Top coat nail paint

·         Base Coat (optional)


I used very basic nail paints I found at Target. My husband bought me the dotting tools from ebay. It took a month before they arrived from Hong Kong, but with free shipping and price under $4 I did not mind waiting. But if you can’t wait and want to do this right now, you can use things like toothpicks,  Bobby pins or anything with a round tip. The results would be the same.
I started by applying the yellow paint first.


Then I took a piece of paper and dabbed a bit of the purple nailpaint over it.


Then I selected the dotting tool I wanted to use. I chose one of the bigger ones to get bold polka dots. For beginners this is an easier one to use. You just need to make 4 or 5 dots per nail.


Don’t worry if the dots come out messy. Once you apply the top coat, things smoothen out. I did make a little mess too but if I have time I clean out the edges using a cotton ear bud dipped in the nail polish remover or acetone.


And… tada!!!!!! You now have your very own homemade polka dot nails!!

Tip: If you are right handed, try doing the art on your left hand first. Once you get a hang of it, you could do both hands equally good.

Have fun!