How to display your kid’s precious art work

We as parents get so excited by our young occupants’ art but often wonder what to do with all of it. I sheepishly refer to my car as “the gallery” as art projects tend to accumulate there after school pickup. It’s everywhere! In the side pockets, in the glove box and on and under the seats. And one day…… I opened the car windows while taking my son back home. Yes, that is when I decided enough was enough I needed to do something with all that precious artwork. There are a number of ideas out there but this is what worked best and quickest for me, for now. It took me less than 10 minutes to complete this project. What you need:

  • Clothesline pins (found at dollar tree)


  • String or yarn
  • Art work

I tied ends of a yarn to two thumb pins and pinned them into the wall. Make sure they are high enough so your tiny tots cannot reach them. Then I just used the clothesline pins to attach the art work. As simple as that.




You can keep replacing the art work. I hung these up in the family room so my son can look at them and feel proud each time!

Hope this post was helpful. Do subscribe and leave comments and how you display your kids’ art.